Cannabis innovation, activism, medicine and compassion

The Grassroots Botanicals Wellness Cooperative was founded and registered as a cannabis dispensary cooperative in November 2014. Our mission is to ensure holistic, safe, reliable and affordable access to the highest quality organic (when available) medicinal grade products to patients in the province of British Columbia. We advocate for patients first by providing alternative products and services to meet their needs with compassion and care. It is our task to educate both our clients and the general public while providing the purest and most effective products possible.

"Cannalife is by far one of, if not the best, topical product I have ever used. I apply a small amount to my shoulders and neck, just enough to cover the area. The pain disappears in a matter of moments. AMAZING! I use for low back pain, shoulder pain, muscular pain from physical activity, migraines/tension headaches (temples and neck) and joint pain, (primarily my hands and knees). This product receives a 10, 10 being the BEST as it has never failed me. It always works in providing me relief."

Merritt, BC

"I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and woke up in severe pain every morning having to peal open my fingers. I heard about Grassroots Cooperative and signed on as a member. What has occurred in the past month is miraculous. I am now sharing about the cream and how it is not only helping me with the pain, but actually healing me."

Powell River, BC